Turn outstanding invoices into opportunities

Are you a small business owner faced with a large project that you are not sure you have the cash flow to complete? Do you need the upfront capital to purchase materials for an account that will pay upon completion?

Accounts receivable financing is a form of funding that allows a business to turn its accounts receivable into immediate capital for the business. By selling its outstanding invoices to a financing company that assumes the risks on them, the company is able to access quick cash for the business. Used as both a short term solution as well as a more enduring business funding tool, the accounts receivable funding is able to secure you a line of credit that can increase proportionately with your sales.

This option is often used by fast-growing businesses or those businesses that have the potential to grow but not the capital to make the expansion. Unlike a bank loan that looks at the value of your balance sheet to make a decision, when applying for the accounts receivable funding, the business is assessed based on the value of the outstanding invoices. For the companies that have to make an investment in materials before they can complete the project and invoice the result, the accounts receivable factoring can provide the necessary funding when it is most needed.

Western Capital Funding offers a variety of accounts receivable funding solutions to meet every business’ needs. Among the many benefits of our program are:

• An easy and fast-forward process
• No financial statements required upon application
• Steady cash flow to the business
• Unrestricted use of funds
• Available to new and non-bankable businesses

Western Capital Financial Service, LLC is a BBB Accredited Financial Service in Calabasas, CA